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Animal production today exposes animals to inhumane conditions miles away from the high-mountain idyll on the green pastures we know from the ads. Unnecessary cruelty and unacceptable cruelty have no place in the 21st century. That is why our goal is to be the voice of animals, to overcome cruel and inhumane practices, and to promote solutions that enable animals to live their own and full lives.



Inefficient and outdated food production is one of the main causes of the progress of climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss. Today, however, there are already sustainable plant alternatives that allow us to replace many products completely. Our goal is to help them grow and thus preserve natural wealth and life in all its forms as much as possible.



People have the right to receive a healthy, nutritious and tasty diet that will help them consolidate their health while also being able to nourish the planet with a growing population over the next decade. That is why we are promoting nutritious and efficient plant solutions that can deliver a healthy and savoury future for both the contemporary and future generations of people.

Campaigns and projects

Ide o chlp! (Its about the hair!)

Campaign for a ban on fur farming in Slovakia.

Viac neznesiem! (I can't bear it any more!)

Campaign for an end to caged egg farming of chickens in Slovakia.

Vegánske hody (Vegan feast)

Festival of sustainable and considerate vegetable eating, organized in multiple cities around Slovakia.

End the cage age

A Europe-wide campaign calling for a ban on the use of cages in livestock production throughout the European Union.

Liga obrany zvierat (Animal Defense League)

An online community of animal rights activists in an online environment.

Stop pandemics? Start here!

A Europe-wide campaign calling for better protection of animals in the new Strategies Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity by 2030.

Getting involved

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About us

Humane progress

Humane progress is an association for the development of humanity and sustainability. We are the voice of animals and we are pushing for sustainable solutions that can feed the planet.

Humane progress was created by combining a number of successful animal-law projects to bring a strong animal voice in Slovakia, which will emphasise humanity and sustainability.

Humane Progress is a member of the Global Open Wing Alliance, which fights caged chicken breeding, and the Fur Free Alliance, an international organisation fighting to end fur farming.

Our team

Martin Smrek

Martin Smrek

President, campaign coordinator of Viac neznesiem!

Martina Kamenská

Martina Kamenská


Monika Kleinová

Monika Kleinová


Petra Šuhajová

Petra Šuhajová

and financial manager